MyLife Minute with Nicole Newman

MyLifeMinute Introducing the Florida Tax Institute Part 2

MyLifeMinute Introducing the Florida Tax Institute Part 1

MyLifeMinute Introducing Nicole Newman and Season 2

Curing Your Financial Ills

Physicians have traditionally relied upon their earning power to take care of their families, accumulate wealth and provide for their retirement, but lately their incomes have been decreasing. This is a result of climbing health care costs, a rising number of patients with declining Medicare reimbursements and higher practice costs.

And if that is not enough, physicians are likely to soon…

Students take ‘GIVING BACK’ journey …

The concept of charity beginning at home has come much closer to reality for a number of Jupiter area eleventh-graders.

It’s all part of what’s called the Main Street Philanthropy program, a pilot course headed up by local professionals devoting their off duty time and encouraging young people to learn more about charitable giving with a hands-on approach.

The 10-week first-of-its-kind…

Engage Your Clients in Legacy Estate Planning

There’s an old Chinese Proverb, “a bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.” Expressed in another way, when you offer kindness, love or charity, you get something positive in return.

For you tax professionals out there, no, I’m not referring to a tax deduction (although, who doesn’t love a good tax deduction). The idea that doing good for others is beneficial to…

The Future Is Now!

Asset Allocation – Who Are You Investing For?

It’s been widely publicized  that  a principal  determining factor  in the volatility  and return  of an investment portfolio is the portfolio’s asset allocation. The Financial Industry  Regulatory Authority (FINR A) defines “asset  allocation” as follows: 

“Dividing  your assets on a percentage  basis among different  broad  categories  of investments,…

Planning for the Needs of Exceptional Children

It takes a village

Feb 18, 2014

Richard Newman and David Foster

When we first met Jane, she was a typical four-year old girl. She was playful, vibrant and sweet. Her mother, who she most resembles, is one of the kindest, funniest and most genuine individuals you could meet. Her father is a strong and dedicated family man. My wife and I have been friends with Jane’s…

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